Marriage Care / Thrive Groups - A new resource for marital health in Orlando.

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.
— Mother Teresa

The foundation of our country is the family and the foundation of the family is the marriage.  Our children, to a large extent derive their sense of well being from the health of the marital relationship.  The marital model provided by parents is used by their children to form their relationships of the future.  What then, are we doing to help married couples?

Marriage Care

There are many reasons I wanted to start working with couples to restore their marriages.  The primary reason comes from my story.  Like many others who come from a broken home, I know first hand that the wound is real and has significant impact on the way we live, and love.  Marriage counseling can be a real step towards healing for your marriage and helping your family.

“Thrive" Groups

Beginning in March 2018 Abundant Life Counseling will kick off new marriage counseling groups (Thrive groups) specifically designed to help build supportive community among married couples.  When we struggle in isolation it can be difficult to keep going.  We need like minded community to share the struggle and move toward hope.  Another component of these groups is to learn helpful  and proven principles that can be used to build a healthy and thriving marriage relationship.  Marriage Thrive groups are free of charge for couples who are attending regular marriage counseling at Abundant Life Counseling.  Won’t you consider joining us?  

Please click the link if you would like to book an appointment for marital counseling or if you would like to register to be placed on the Thrive Group wait list.

~ Josh Grover LMHC, Owner - Abundant Life Counseling