Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is something most of us need from time to time, whether you’re wanting to bring more intimacy into the relationship, work on issues that have plagued you over the years or deal with infidelity there is always great hope for your relationship!  In marriage counseling, I view the relationship as my client.  I use a safe and confidential setting to get at the heart of the trouble.  Employing proven techniques to help get your relationship back on track.

Marriage THRIVE Groups

Thrive group is a Christian based therapeutic group for couples who want to improve their marriage and build a supportive community focused on healthy relationships.  The group consists of 3 to 4 couples.  We meet weekly in a confidential setting for 8 weeks for an hour and a half and engage in various topics related to repairing marriage, rebuilding trust, creating intimacy and creating healthy relationships.  Thrive is offered FREE of charge to couples who regularly attend marriage counseling! 

I started this group out of a desire to offer my clients more in the way of genuine community and strategies for creating a healthy marriage.  The group also offers a more cost effective alternative to marital therapy, however it is not intended to replace marital therapy so much as it is intended to be a compliment to it.  Group topics are generated by myself as well as nationally renowned marriage experts like Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson.  For those who only wish to attend group and not marriage counseling the cost is $25 per group session.   

Why Group?

Group therapy has been found to be extremely beneficial for several reasons:

  • Group is a great way to find like minded community with those who hope to grow in the same ways you do.
  • It can be more cost effective.  Group sessions average $25 per session (Free for those who attend weekly marriage counseling)
  • Marriage Care Group can be a great way to supplement your regular therapy for those couples who want an experiential way to further implement the helpful strategies they’ve learned in marriage counseling.


  • Marriage Care is from 7 to 8:30 on Tuesday nights
  • As groups continue for an 8 week cycle, please contact Abundant Life Counseling to be placed on the wait list for the next cycle. 


This is a group for couples, so you must come with your spouse.  The only other prerequisite is that you would come with the hope of improving your marriage by investing yourself in the process.

Group Rules

  1. Confidentiality - It is important to keep a safe group environment so that people feel free to be open and genuine.  Your counselor is required to keep group interactions confidential, and all members must agree to do the same as a part of membership.
  2. Respect - Also, group members must agree to show respect to other group members by silencing cell phones and be attentive when another group member is sharing.   
  3. Commitment - Once you sign up for group it is expected that you maintain regular attendance for the benefit of your relationship and the benefit of other group members. (barring unforeseen emergencies)

To be placed on the Thrive group waiting list please click here.